Audio CD: Steinar Aadnekvam – FREEDOMS TREE (2015)

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The original visionary FREEDOM’S TREE album. Soon after this remarkable release the project metamorphosed into the touring trio that is now known as FREEDOM TREE.
The full large ensemble from this Atlantis Studio recording session did however perform in concert at the 2016 Stavanger, Norway at the invitation from the Stavanger International Jazz Festival, MaiJazz.

After many years on many roads I had to stop and plant my tree. I wanted to make a record with a musical and compositional content that represented all that I am. I wanted to let my dreams come true, all that I was hearing in my mind. Throughout the years there have been ideas, melodies, songs that have been my personal gems. So precious to me that I have always guarded them until the right moment might one day present itself. In this album are many of them.

A ‘Cold Shower’ is what I really like to refresh the senses, and the tune was written specifically for this project. ‘Hillside’ is a composition that came to me when arriving for the first time at my home in Norsborg, a landscape that is characterized by its surrounding hills and Viking remains. ‘Viva Sagui’ is something I wrote in Brazil while visiting a small nature reserve in Moreno (in the state of Pernambuco)-PE, when a group of little sagui monkeys appeared in the tree above me to listen to the captivating rhythmic melody. ‘You Are My Sunshine And My Smile’ was a special event for me. One morning I was sitting on the floor opposite my then 18 month old daughter Francisca. She was watching me playing my guitar and this song, both in the music and the lyrics, just revealed itself. ‘Agradecendo’ meaning ‘giving thanks’ in Portuguese, is a chorinho by the great composer Pixinguinha that I have adapted somewhat in a rather fiery manner. ‘Ecology’ is an alarm call about the state of our planet. Its 12/8 afro groove holds a ‘broken’ blues chorus and its lyrical passages remind us of what is beautiful, while its cutting rhythms and suggestive mood remind us of the urgency of our collective problem. ‘Come With Me’ is a lyrical ballad that belongs to a glittering cold winter’s night, while its whistled chorus is a melody that actually dates back to a composition from my early teens. We end on a happy note in ‘Dare To Dream’, about a love affair – or rather – how we try and god willing, never stop trying. Lastly, I owe my heart’s joy to the fantastic musicians and their outstanding performances on this album.

Thank you!  Steinar Aadnekvam, February 2015


Steinar Aadnekvam acoustic guitar, voice, whistling (track 7), Jonatan Guzman piano, Patric Thorman bass, Deodato Siquir drums, percussion, voice (track 1), Peter Fredman, flute, (track 4) alto saxophone (track 6), Gustav Orphée Noah lead vocals, (track 3, 4 & 8) whistling (track 3), Santiago Jimenez Borges violin (track 5), Mattias Ståhl vibraphone (track 8), Cecilia Linné cello (track 7)

All compositions by Steinar Aadnekvam except “Agradecendo” by Pixinguinha. Released April 24, 2015

Losen Records Release no: LOS 137-2 EAN: 7090025831379 Recorded at Atlantis Grammofon, Stockholm by Janne Hansson December 5 & 6, 2013. Additional recording at Studio Moose, Värmdö, February and August 2013. Mixed and mastered by Kalle Persson, January 2015. Produced by Steinar Aadnekvam. Executive producer Odd Gjelsnes. Inside photo by Mariana Menezes Lindén. Front cover painting by Sylva Karin Johansen

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